Athlete Avatar™

The Athlete–Avatar™ is the virtual world replication of a specific individual athlete. Falcon Pursuit’s proprietary technology allows for each individual athlete to be digitally scanned creating a personalized Athlete-Avatar™, virtually encoding the power and flexibility of that athlete. Once the athlete has been digitized, and their Athlete-Avatar™ created, Falcon Pursuit can now engage each athlete and their respective Athlete-Avatar™ in a series of sophisticated virtual models.

These virtual modeling simulations include:

  • Bio Mechanical Optimization for Sustainable Power
  • Aerodynamic Analysis & Optimization
  • Equipment Selection for Specified Events
  • Race Simulations & Tactics
  • Energy Management Strategies

Falcon Pursuit’s Athlete-Avatar™ allows the individual and team management to have a unique tactical tool and provides confidence in selecting the optimal equipment, tailored for a specific individual, simulated for a specific venue.

Using the Athlete-Avatar™, in conjunction with the rest of the Falcon Pursuit Tool Box, the athlete and/or team director can now, request multiple “what if” scenarios:

  • Identify where to tuck a sprinter in the group during a short track speed skating event, to manage energy output for the final sprint.
  • Analyze the optimal aerodynamic line up for a team time trial: Evaluating the individual aerodynamic signature of each rider and evaluating the aerodynamic signature of the 9 riders as a whole.
  • Evaluate how to save a football player 17% of kilojoules burnt over a game.
The Falcon Pursuit Athlete-Avatar™ allows acute strategic plans to be executed by you or your team to provide a significant competitive advantage against your adversaries.

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