Energy Management

You are on a high-traffic freeway. Your gas tank reads 1/4 of a tank remaining; the car estimates that there is 100 kilometers left in the tank; the next gas station is 120 kilometers away. How do you avoid running out of gas?

Your first instinct is to turn off the air conditioning, to lower the power being consumed by the car. Then, you reduce your speed, traveling at a more efficient rate. Finally, you cross your fingers that you do not have to walk the last 20 kilometers!

The human body works very similarly. There is a finite (n) amount of energy and the driver, "you", chooses how and when to use that energy. Knowing that the human body has a specific amount of energy it is capable of producing for a given period of time, Falcon Pursuit correlates that amount of energy and the athlete's individual ability to produce and sustain a specific energy level.

Effectively, Energy Management is controlling the flow of energy the body produces and consumes expressed in Kilojoules. Falcon Pursuit has dedicated a number of resources to exploring how to effectively manage an athlete's energy over a set, given time.

Utilizing our Tool Box - whether a sprinter seeking maximum power output for the last 100 meters or an ultra-runner looking to burn 4000 Kj less over 160km - Falcon Pursuit's Energy Management solutions aid you in accomplishing your goals efficiently.