Reverse Engineering

What about Reverse Engineering?

It's about performing superior science.

Reverse Engineering involves sophisticated techniques for capturing helmets, eyewear and equipment in high resolution. Falcon Pursuit utilizes state of the art laser and optical scanning to capture thousands of data points. These data points produce reference points that are sent back in X-Y-Z coordinates of the object being reverse engineered.

The reason for reverse engineering is simple; the analysis of products requires equality.

Every 3D model must have identical surface mapping to assure that each element is properly located and sized. Cross comparing components from different companies will be exclusively done on product merit rather than on each company's use of their CAD tool and inherent rendering style. Reverse engineering also ensures that the production version of a product matches the CAD data used to produce it. The goal is to eliminate any possible variances to ensure products are acutely measured, tested and compared.

To sum it up, reverse engineering provides unbiased data of actual components to assure that Falcon Pursuit virtual simulations are populated with athletes, helmets and equipment that all have the same generation parameters and history. Thus, the simulations are not influenced by outside forces that would be introduced if the 3D virtual models were provided directly by the manufacturer. The goal is to communicate fairly to our athlete audience and establish a level playing field for the myriad of components we analyze and place into performance simulations.