Performance Simulations

CASE STUDY: Wheel Selection Analytics at Austin Ironman 70.3

For a competitive triathlete, the bike is a means to an end. The goal is to go as fast as possible with the smallest energy expenditure. Falcon Pursuit, using the Athlete-Avatarâ„¢, prepared a race day simulation that modeled: environmental conditions, rider's individual aero signature and biomechanics all optimized for the athletes specific event. Based off the wheels available to this athlete, selecting the optimal wheels netted the athlete a 63 seconds time savings at no additional energy output. The results are seen below:

Brand X Disc Wheel vs. Brand Y 80-90mm Depth Wheel Analysis

Disc 80-90mm Depth Wheel
Percentage of Time Wheel is Optimal for Course Segment* 31% 63%
Length of Course Wheel is Optimal 34 56
Time saved per Kilometer (in Seconds) 0.12 1.2
Total Time Savings (Optimal Course Segments, in Seconds) 4.08 67.2
Net Time Saved Over Entire Course 63 seconds slower 63 Seconds faster

*Three Wheels were used in this study. The 80-90mm depth wheel and the disc wheel represent the top two choices.